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Desert Safari Camp Pushkar


Pushkar is famous for the amazing and enthralling activities it hosts. This holy land of Rajasthan is surrounded by the gigantic Aravali hills on all the three sides. The desert camps are located among the semi sand dunes of the desert. These desert camps promise to make your vacation a special one with their amazing service and great hospitality. The ambiences of these desert safari camps are influenced by the sweet smell of rose and marry gold gardens. A moment of solitude and peace is created for travellers. Travellers get the opportunity to capture different breeds of flora and fauna with their camera screen. Travellers of desert safari camp can very well notice the busy schedules of farmers working on their soil. They get to see the traditional attires and ornaments of the villagers. This spectacular view of the custom and simple life of villagers live a great impact on the tourists. They are left stunned by the beauty of their simplicity. During the stay at adventurous desert camps, they can enjoy how beautifully nature plays its role throughout the 24 hours of a day. The power of the rising sun, the calmness of the setting sun and the beautiful showers of the full moon are the mystical sites which delight the senses. These beautiful sites create an indelible impression on the mind of any traveller. The traveller can experience the soothing chirping of birds. This beautiful nature noise offers the realization of internal peace and joy in the desert. The sight of lush green mountains and vast silky desert refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and soul of the guest. Along with the relaxing in nature’s lap, the travellers get to enjoy the calmness enveloping this entire area. So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself an adventurous desert safari camp and relish into the exotic aura of this stunning holy town.


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