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Gala Dinner Pushkar


Rajasthan is renowned for its amazing and remarkable hospitality. Pushkar is one such city of the royal state which caters this feature at its best. Pushkar is one among the most loved holiday destination by tourist from across the globe because of its warm welcome. The esteemed guests are rewarded with delicious dishes over an event named Gala Dinner. This evening event caters four-course meal for their guests. The meal includes authentic Rajasthani food prepared from Khade Masale. The dining table is arranged under the starlit sky where the guest can enjoy the scenic beauty.

Jeep Safari and Gala Dinner
The jeep safari starts from the Pushkar fair ground between 5 to 6 PM. The guests are then headed to the sunset point where they can enjoy lots of activities like camel riding, desert bikes and came cart riding. Then the guests move to the houses of Kalbaliya where guests can interact with them about their lifestyle. After a small conversation guests move to the rose garden to witness the world famous fragrance of fresh Rose flowers. After the wonderful jeep safari guests are served with traditional delicacies. A mouth-watering cuisine, a perfect bonfire and an amazing dance performance by traditional gypsy dancers makes the dinner a Gala dinner.

Camel Safari and Gala Dinner
The Camel safari starts from the Pushkar ground between 5 to 6 PM. The guests then ride on the humpy back of a camel to the sunset point. At this point guest get the opportunity to enjoy activities like camel cart riding and ride desert bikes. The guests then head towards the houses of kalbaliya where they interact with them and explore their style of living. The guests find their lifestyle very interesting and left amazed by their simplicity. After this small interaction they ride to the world famous rose garden. After the wonderful Camel safari guests are served with traditional dishes. This gala dinner is accompanied with a perfect bonfire and amazing folk dance by gipsy dancers.


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