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Horse Riding Pushkar


Private tour Pushkar is very famous among tourists. Get yourself an excellent horse safari, starting in the beautiful landscape and going to the fair of Pushkar Camel Fair with beautiful Marwari horses, this breed of horses is very different from other horses. The horse safari starts in Nawalgarh and ends in Pushkar. The journey starts from the beautiful countryside around Nawalgarh. The inhabitants share the story and the captivating excursion captures the spirit of the person and leads them to Pushkar. The Safari is run by experienced people who saddle horses properly so they do not fall off the horse. The whole team is very friendly and the rider and the horse are well treated. Before you go to Pushkar, you will visit Nawalgarh, Parasrampura, Lohargal, Rewasa, Sujas, Kochor and many other villages.

Adventure sports such as horse safari, horseback riding, horseback riding, and the Pushkar fair are the most famous among travelers. Pushkar is a small town located 11 km from Ajmer. It is a sacred place mainly visited for the sacred Pushkar Lake, the Brahma temple and the famous camel safari. Although Pushkar is mainly a pilgrimage site, it is also visited for exciting camel safaris in the desert sand dunes. The trip is unforgettable because of the mountainous sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Tourists can enjoy the magnificent view of the Aravalli Mountains, the golden desert. Tourists can celebrate local celebrations with locals. The trip is usually small and the arrangement team provides support at every stage. The food here in Rajasthan is simply delicious. While traveling from Nawalgarh, tourists can buy a private guide to visit the villages and enjoy the evening with traditional Rajasthani dishes and folk music. Each horse has an escort who knows the horse and manages it perfectly. By the time you reach Pushkar, you have enjoyed the trip and continue to enjoy the large Pushkar Exhibition Center. One of the most visited tourist fairs around the world.

Pushkar Horse Safari. During this visit, you will also visit Nawalgarh, Parasrampura, Lohargal, Rewasa, Sujas, Kochor, Sulyas, Ghatwa, Shyamgarh, Bhagwanpura, Nawa Salt Lake, Salemabad, Babicha, Mayapur, Charanwas and Pushkar.

Other activities include horse riding, horse riding and Pushkar lounge for horse riders. We offer an excellent horse safari that starts in the beautiful landscape and leads to the Pushkar Camel fair on beautiful Marwari horses. This captivating tour captures the spirit of a traditional trip to the great mela. The safari is accompanied by a friendly and experienced team that takes care of horses and riders.


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