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Jeep Safari Pushkar


Pushkar is a culturally-rich town which is popular for its history, vibrant culture, colorful tradition, adventures, enthralling streets, loud bazaars, and serene ghats. The local residents of Pushkar welcome tourist with open hearts and promises a wonderful stay for their tourist. Tourists find Pushkar a great holiday destination because of its scenic beauty, calm surroundings, and royal welcome.

Pushkar is a preferred gateway for tourist as they get an opportunity to experience various activities. There is never a boring moment for tourists who are crazy about adventure. The activities range from a hot air balloon to jeep safaris, from ornament shopping to tasting traditional delicacies. A tourist during the stay at Pushkar has so much to do and experience.

Among the list of above-mentioned activities, Jeep Safari is the most preferred one. Tourist finds jeep safari as a perfect activity to explore the cultural side, to interact with local people and to experience the hidden charisma of Pushkar.

Jeep Safari is a thrilling experience which each tourist should experience during his or her stay at Pushkar. Jeep Safari is one of the best activities boasted by the resorts of Pushkar for travelers who are fond of adventure. Jeep safari is one among the peculiar safaris which rejuvenate the mind and soul of the traveler. This safari gives the traveler a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and its belongings. This safari allows the travel to explore the calmness and beauty of royal Rajasthan by interacting with the residents of the countryside.

Jeep Safari besides being relaxing is filled with adventure and thrill unlike camel safari or horse safari. Jeep safari drives through the rugged routes to explore and witness the offbeat destinations of royal Rajasthan. During the safari, travelers explore the unexplored local places by driving off the beaten tracks. While riding over the sand dunes of the desert, travelers capture the spectacular view of the Aravali range. Travelers get an opportunity to explore and experience the hidden allure and authentic side of India’s isolated and vibrant villages. They witness the beauty of ruined forts and palaces which were once magnificent. During this ride of approximately 20 km, the traveler gets amazed by the attractions and beautiful experiences. After the “dirty and dusty” safari the travelers take a refreshing dip in the local waterfall hidden amid the trees. This jump into the crystal clear and cool water is worth an experience.


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