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Overnight Camel Safaris


Overnight came safari is one such adventure that can make your visit to the deserts of Pushkar really exciting and enthralling one. The tour commences at 3.30 PM in the afternoon from the Pushkar ground. The camel heads towards the sunset point where tourists can enjoy a few more activities like camel cart riding and bike riding on the silky sands. Tourist can also cherish the music from a traditional instrument called “rawan hatha”. Apart from these, there are few photo booths where you can dress in traditional dresses and click pictures to be cherished for the whole life. The camel ride next head towards the houses of kalbaliya’s. They reside in temporary huts. They love to listen to your views and experiences during your stay at Pushkar. They are least bothered about what is going in the outside world. They live a very simple life full of hardships. The ride moves through the rural village where the tourist can observe the life of local residents. The tourist during this rural village tour on a camel can explore the traditional lifestyle of villagers, their daily work routine, and their traditional clothing style. Then the camel ride heads towards the silky sand dunes where the tourist can capture the spectacular view of the glorious sunset. The day ends with a relaxing stay at a desert camp under the starlit sky. The morning starts with an amazing breakfast spread and the picturesque view of the sun rising with all its power. The wonderful overnight ride on the humpy back of the camel is an exciting activity which must be enjoyed.


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