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Pushkar Fair Tour


Pushkar is a peaceful pilgrimage site that lies by the outskirts of Ajmer city. This beautiful town which surrounds the Pushkar Lake is famous for its Brahma temple. The holy town is famous for the plethora of festivals that is celebrated amidst sun and sand. Pushkar is even more exciting and happening during the annual fair that is celebrated during the later part of the year. The Pushkar Fair is conducted every consecutive year in the month of November. The weather during this month is really soothing and pleasant. The fair witnesses the biggest gathering of tourist from across the globe. To be a part of this grand fair is worth an experience.

Let me take you through the main attractions of Pushkar Annual fair.

1. Capture the perfect picture of the fair in “Hot Air Balloon”.
The Hot air balloon is the best medium to experience the colorful and vibrant Pushkar Fair. It is considered the most exciting activity of the fair. While floating high in the sky one can enjoy the stunning view of colorful camps and loud livestock. The service provided by the hosts of this service is spectacular and commendable.

2. Largest trading fair in the world!
Pushkar Fair is credited as pride for India. This is the fair where thousands and hundreds of traders come together to sell and purchase their livestock. It is the best place to witness a century-old practice of camel trading.

3. Performance by “Fusion Band”
The travelers get to enjoy and cherish the heart-warming performances by ‘Fusion Bands’. The desert seems to come alive by the charming performances delivered by the finest artist of the world. This perfect combination of the starlit sky, soothing sand of the desert and mesmerizing music leads to Pandora music.

4. The perfect ride of the desert on a Camel
The magnificent deserts of Rajasthan are the best destination for avid travelers from across the globe. The Pushkar Fair hosts safaris like Camel Safari, Horse Safari, and Jeep Safari. Riding on the humpy back of a camel through the sandy desert of Rajasthan is a splendid experience.

5. Tasting the Rajasthani delicacies.
Rajasthan is not only famous for its colorful and vibrant culture but also for royal and mouth-watering delicacies. And, Pushkar is a paradise for all the food lovers. To be a part of the Pushkar Fair is the best chance to witness the great Rajasthani delicacies. The authentic Rajasthani delicacies will surely get your test buds going.

6. Unleash your spiritual side
Pushkar fair hosts the culture and royal heritage of Rajasthan. The traveler gets to experience the surreal beauty of Pushkar. The visit to Lord Brahma Temple, Savitri temple and ending the tour with a holy dip in Pushkar Lake will help you explore your spiritual side.

What are you waiting for? Enthrall yourself with the magnitude of this Pushkar fair. So, plan to visit Pushkar during this vibrant Pushkar Fair and carry back a bag full of memories to cherish them for the whole life.


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