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Rural Village Tour Pushkar


If you are bored with your stressful busywork schedules and merely want to refresh your soul and mind then you should go for the rural village tour of royal Rajasthan. This tour of rural Rajasthan will be a wonderful experience which will rejuvenate your senses. This holy city of Rajasthan will leave you stunned with its hidden charisma and scenic beauty. The beautiful site of rural Pushkar will propose for you wonderful memories which can be cherished for a lifetime. This tour will help you to discover the real lifestyle of the local residents of Pushkar. You will get the opportunity to explore the scenic village and ancient glory of vibrant traditions and culture of India. These villages with a spectacular view will help you witness the exclusive and rich heritage of this royal state of India.

During your rural village tour, you will come across different handicrafts, traditional attires, charming culture and traditions of rural villagers. You can also experience the joy and thrill of residing in a mud desert cottage at any exotic desert location. This fascinating rural village tour will surely enthral you with its simplicity of rural life.

1. The Pushkar Fair
The Pushkar fair is one among the largest fair organised in India. During this fair, hundreds of traders come together to trade their livestock. The fair is overloaded with colourful camps, vibrant culture, traditional folk dance, captivating music and gorgeous surroundings. This is the perfect time when an avid traveller can experience the beauty of simplicity of rural villagers.

2. The taste of authentic traditional cuisine
During the rural village tour of Pushkar, you can enjoy and relish the taste of authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The Rajasthani delicacies are prepared with the help of Khadhe masala. The delicacies are served to the guests with a royal touch which will surely leave your taste buds going.

3. Enjoy the Safaris
During the rural village tour, you can opt for camel safari, horse safari or jeep safari. Riding through the villages of rustic Rajasthan guarantees you a splendid experience. The safari will not only allow you to interact with local residents but will also offer you a wonderful opportunity to observe their traditions and culture.

4. Colourful handicrafts
The Royal Rajasthan is famous for the variety of colourful handicrafts it offers. During this tour, you can witness different handicrafts prepared by the rural villagers. You can experience the beauty of their art and craft that they put in to prepare a masterpiece of art. You can witness their love and dedication for their work as they are very well aware that this piece of art will help them purchase their bread and butter.

5. Experiencing the rural life.
During this rural village tour of Pushkar, you can witness the beauty of simplicity. The kids playing in the desert, women filling water from wells, women making rotti from earthen kilns are few of the activities which will leave you stunned. The rural villager considers simplicity as the essence of their wonderful life.

This rural village tour can be customised as per the needs and demand of the tourist. So, pack your bags today and be a part of the rural village tour of our royal state of Rajasthan.


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